A feral child  is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has little or no experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and lack human language. Feral children are confined by humans and brought up by animals or live in the wild in isolation.

There have been over a hundred cases of feral children reported, and possibly more that haven’t been discovered yet. One of the first famous feral child is Wild Peter. after being discovered he never really learned to talk except “Peter” and “King George”. He did have a great sense of smell and could hear very well. He climbed trees and lived off plants. Once he was found, he refused bread. He spent about 68 years in society and never really learned to communicate.

One example of a feral child that we should all be familiar with is Disney’s Tarzan. Tarzan was raised by gorillas in the jungle. He acted like a gorilla and couldn’t speak. He swung from trees like the other gorillas. The gorillas treated him as one of their own. As a child, I enjoyed watching Tarzan but I never really thought of it as a bad thing. The gorillas didn’t harm him and they took good care of him. Though, he did not have a normal life in society. After learning about feral children I found the story kinda sad. It makes you feel bad that he didn’t have a normal life.

It is really sad to me to think that children have been abandoned in the wild or their parents have isolated them. I do think it is incredible that some animals have nutured these children when ultimately they could have killed them at first. Instead these animals have raised the children the best they can and have thought them their instincts. the thing that really bothers me is that once these children are taken away, from what is now their environment, they are mainly studied by sociologists and psychologists and scientists. After what can be a very tramatic sitiuation these children need to be nutured. I feel bad for these children since they don’t really know how to show emotion and can’t speak to others about what the need or want. They seem to have it worse than babies since they can’t express this to other humans.

After learning about feral children it really made me appreciate my life and the education that I have received so far. I never thought I would be so thankful that I am able to speak and learn. I couldn’t imagine being raised by animals and learning their ways then trying to go back to human ways.


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