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The Upper Class is associated with income, wealth, power, and prestige. Who are those primarily in the upper class? CEOs, government officials, celebrities, very successful professionals, and those born into it belong to the upper class. People of the upper class often have a better influence on political decisions because they can invest in ways to campaign for their party.

I’ve always found it interesting that the president and past government officials have always wanted to take away more money from the middle class(working classs) when it comes to pay cuts. Why should we risk the middle class falling down into poverty by cutting their pay? I  think that pay cuts should come from the government officials especially since presidents are paid for life a very high salary. This doesn’t seem right for those who claim to be for the poor but do not give their money to the poor. Also, I think that some jobs have different priorities when it comes to salary. for instance, professional athletes get paid a lot of money when teachers who are helping educate the future generations aren’t getting paid nearly enough. I could be wrong but this seems a bit reversed to me. Sadly, our society appreciates athletes or celebrities more than teachers,nurses,and other lower paid jobs that should have a higher pay.


Who determines who is part of the upper class? I would place doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, etc, in the upper class if I was able to choose because I believe that these professions deserve to be paid well enough to be in the upper class. I do not think that celebrities should be a part of this. They are not saving anybody’s life or changing the world. They are just a form of entertainment.



You May Ask Yourself by Dalton Conley


One may ask what causes a person to take their own life and I think it is difficult for society to understand why a person would wanna commit suicide. Some factors that we as individuals believe lead to suicide are mental illness, depression, alcohol or drug addiction, divorce, job loss, or banctruptcy. These are generally part of a more complex problem though. Killing yourself is considered a sin in most religions and is a violation of social norms.

Durkheim believed these indiviualistic accounts of suicide were inaduate.Durkheim wrote a book called, Suicide, that “sought to prove that the act of killing oneself cannot be explained solely by individual psychological characteristics, rather that suicide is also a product of social forces. Durkheim developed a normative theory of suicide. In his study he found that in Europe, Protestants killed themselves most often, followed by catholics and then jews. I found this very interesting since suicide is one of the bigger sins in religion, especially for protestants. I know I have been taught all my life in church that if I take my own life or “play God” that I will not go to Heaven. So, it really shocked me to see that the highest amount of people in Europe commiting suicide were protestants.

There are four types of suicide. Egoistic suicide occurs when one is not well integrated into a social group. Altruistic suicide occurs when one experinces too much social integration. Anomic suicide occurs as a result of too little social regulation. Fatalistic suicide occurs as a result of too much social regulation.

I never have fully understood how bad one’s life could be to kill yourself. During my middle and high school years, we lost several students who took their own lives and it’s devastating for the ones they leave behind. Especially the teenagers who believe they have no friends or family who care about them. Social groups play a huge part in our lives and when we don’t feel like we fit in, who we aren’t good enough, or we are bullied then this leads to the thought of suicide which most likely ends with suicide. I believe too many people use it a an easy solution to a problem that could be solved in a better way. These people have way too much to live for than to dwell on what others think and definitely shouldn’t want to end their life.