Race is a group of people who share a set of characteristics, typically physical ones, and are said to share a common bloodline. There are 6 different things that we see in others in order to say they are a certain race. The first one is externally imposed which means someone else defines you as black,white, or other. The second is involuntary which means it’s not up to you to decide which category you belong. The third is usually based on physical differences. The fourth is hierarchal which means if you aren’t a certain race, you go down the ranks in number. The fifth is exclusive which means you don’t get to check more than one box. The last one is unequal which means it’s about power conflicts and struggles.

Do we want others to define us or do we want to define ourselves? When you let others define who you are that’s when a lot of problems come to play. We could eliminate the term race and solely go by ethnicity. Ethnicity is one’s ethnic quality or affliation. It isvoluntary, self-defined, nonhierarchal, fluid and multiple, and basedon cultural differences, not physical ones. This allows you to define who you are and it can be based on your cultural differnces like language, food,music, etc. instead of by skin color or the way someone looks. This allows you to acknowledge more than one category you may fall into as well. You can claim to be Italian and German and this will be accepted.

I think if we go by ethnicity and not by race then rascism wouldn’t exist anymore between any races. You wouldn’t have to worry about it as much because people woould see how they are equal and alike. They would see that they have more in  common and wouldn’t pay attention to the color of their skin.


You May Ask Yourself By Dalton Conley