Gender roles are sets of behavioral norms assumed to ccomany one’s status as a male or female. In Disney movies The male characters are generally created to be very masculine, like in the image above. They are usually pretty strong, have big muscles, handsome, and can do just about anything they want. One thing In Disney movies that is seen a lot is the fighing of the male characters and that it is okay to fight. They show how it is right and how it makes them look tough, but it doesn’t teach young boys that it can get them into trouble. Do we want to send this message out to young boys? I think they should know their consquences.

Acting like a man and fighting can really lead to bad consquences. The main one being jail. Even though in movies it is seen as a very masculine trait to fight, it is considered assault in reality. You can be charged and sent to jail. Also, you could really hurt someone and that is never good. I know women want a masculine man but they do not want an abusive man. Is there an opposite side to this?

Hmmm,..on the other hand, society doesn’t accept a feminine man. This isn’t right to them. Society doesn’t think a man should wear makeup, dresses,play with dolls, carry purses, etc. Does this really make him less of a man/boy? In most cases the men who do prefer this are homosexual and probably don’t care about their masculinity.

So which is right? Well some theorists argue that today there exists a hegemonic masculinity. Hegemonic Masculinity is described by Erving Goffman as a young man who is married, white, urban, northern, heterosexual, Protestant, father, of college education, fully emplyed, of good complexion, weight and height, and with a decent record in sports. In my opinion, I would want a guy who has a mixture of both. I wouldn’t want a guy who would beat me or anything, and I don’t want a guy that I can beat up. I want a masculine guy who can defend me when needed but who is also sensitive and sweet. But we hardly get what we want. haha.